Welcome to the Island BLOG. In this new company’s communication channel, our idea is to contribute to the entire community in which we are inserted: customers in Brazil and abroad, suppliers, our employees, partners, state entities with whom we interact daily, and the neighborhood around our facilities.

Entrepreneurship is a challenge anywhere in the world; when, in addition, the prevailing and ingrained culture is that of “permanent stability”, then we have ingredients that increase the need, on the part of entrepreneurs, to act with strategy, long-term vision, and innovation.

In fact, this characteristic of innovation, in addition to the access we now have, to qualified and massive information, has made our planning tasks even more sophisticated. Rapid adaptation to new trends is a must.

Who, like Island, has been in the market for a long time, has seen and lived challenging times, characterized by social or technological changes, which determine the direction of business, alter consumption, behavior and life needs.

This channel will therefore be - important for communicating our ideas in communion with the aspirations of this changing world society. We are part of that, we want to continue being.

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