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Island is a trading company that acts as an importing and exporting business in several market fields. Its head offices are located in the state of Espirito Santo since its birth, by the year of 2001. In the EXPORTATION, we work with suppliers focused on selling their products abroad and that do not have the required expertise in terms of procedures toward foreign markets. In the IMPORTATION, we make all legal and operational procedures for your merchandise quickly and safe reach its final destination in Brazil. We are able to bring to Brazil (1) your purchases on your behalf (third parties, special contracts), (2) we can buy to order, and (3) we buy for our own distributorship. There are TAX exemption systems in some cases; we always verify the best solution to our clients in terms of costs and legal aspects, among others. In the state of Espirito Santo, there are the FUNDAP and the INVEST systems that decrease final costs of certain imported goods. ISLAND operates both. In LOGISTICS, we offer the best solutions in terms of international and domestic freight, as well as warehousing facilities for your products.

To provide the best services possible, ISLAND is well stablished in several locations over Brazilian territory:







We are authorized by ANP (Brazilian National Agency for Petroleum Affairs) to import any kind of fuel.

  • On behalf of third party, by order, or for own distribution;


  • Technical consultancy in all steps of each operation – since the feasibility, contact with dealers, before-shipment cost analysis, insurance, tax intelligence, good relationship with government agencies in the importation, nationalization and transportation of the cargo;

  • Full scope of follow-up at any of those steps needed at Customs clearance processes. No matter the special programs, tax systems, or transportation vehicles. We are always there with our dedicated people;


  • We act very close to DECEX (Brazilian Foreign Trade Department), and all other government agencies like ANVISA (for Sanitary Surveillance), INMETRO (Metrology Affairs), among others;


  • Issuing of Importing License;


  • Supervision and/or execution of Custom Controlled Transport (DTA or DTAE);


  • Project development concerning to tax exemption programs that like DRAWBACK and similar;


  • Accreditation at BANDES (regional development bank) to be able to import by FUNDAP (it stands for Fund for Development of local Port Activities), which is a financial benefit given to companies that bring their imported goods thru ports of the State of Espirito Santo;


  • Other related procedures linked to importation.


  • Commercial promotion: we plan and execute the commercial promotion of your product  in elected foreign markets, being such promotion in trade shows or trade missions, or even road-shows tailor made to your needs, in terms of product, region and most fitted clients;

  • Technical consultancy with marketing studies and feasibility of the product targeted for exporting promotion;


  • Purchasing Orders and financial instruments analysis;

  • Issuing of documents related to exportation: commercial, consular and/or customized invoices;


  • Certificates of Origin, Inspection and Sanity etc;


  • International and domestic freight dealing;


  • Process follow-up at Customs, until process concluded – for any kind of product , even those that need government controlled authorization.


We are located in the Metropolitan Region of Great Vitoria, the capital of Espirito Santo State that hosts the biggest port complex in Latin America, with almost ten ports that significantly moves Brazilian foreign trade forward. The State’s GDP is the 5th bigger in Brazil. Foreign trade plays a key role in the economy of the Espirito Santo State. Many natural commodities are exported thru the ports located in the State of Espirito Santo: iron ore, steel, marble and granite, cellulose, papaya, coffee, chocolate and oil. Besides it, we are within less than 500 miles from the main Brazilian metropolis, like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro; it means a strategic place for foreign trade logistics. ​




Paris Riviera

Brand of imported perfumes from Dubai. The Paris Riviera is a brand of low-end market, focused on the Brazilian consumer. In the packs of 30 e 100 ml, we are sure this brand is the right perfume for your business.


Perfumes imported from India. The Giverny brand gives the Brazilian consumer a great cost-benefit in its category. Ask us how to become a distributor in your area.



Find following the main categories that we import or export. Tell us your needs and ask for a quote right now!

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